Welsh Language Cards! Hwrê!

Posted by Lolly McCubbin on

Shwmae! Helo! Pobol y Cwm! 

Translation: Hello!
Pronunciation: “shuh-my”



We’re so pleased to announce that, after popular demand from our fellow Welsh shoppers, we finally have Welsh language cards in our shop!
Take a little peek at our small range of cards yn Cymraeg - they’re available for both retail and stockist orders.  Jade re-worked some of these from existing designs, but others she made exclusively for the Welsh collection (Helo ffrind!)
We’d love to know your thoughts. Are there any greetings you’d love to see? Are we missing any Welshisms that you’d like to send to your friends? (“Popty-ping” excluded. Sorrynotsorry.)

This was super fun to do and we’ll be adding more throughout the year. We LOVE Wales and with a recent relocation out west there was really no excuse not to be embracing the language more.
Cymru am byth!