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- Send a card direct to a friend from our imperfect stock; they may have a blotch or creased corner, but even imperfect cards are a delight when they arrive unannounced in the post!

- Choose between Christmas or General.

- At checkout, leave your message & recipient's address in the notes. We'll write and send for you.  

- We'll pick a card from a range of our designs available in our imperfect stock that best suits your message.

- £1.40 covers postage and packaging

- You help us reduce waste, we help you spread joy! 

*UK Only


If sending multiple cards, include all details in the notes at checkout. 


"Xmas 1 to Jade Fisher, Jade Fisher Road, JF1 1JF: Merry Christmas! x

General 1 to Adam Fisher, Adam Fisher Rd, AF1 1AF: "Happy Birthday! x"


We also write and send direct any regular purchase, so please consider buying any card of your choice on the website and add a note at the checkout with your message. Thank you!